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The Present Face of Personalized Medicine

I’ve mentioned before that customization is currently present is many facets of our lives : phone, house, clothing, and the like. Almost everything is personalized, almost to the T, except for one of the most important aspects our lives – health. How is personalized medicine being respected present day?  

Unfortunately, not as respected as one would like to believe.

Personalized medicine is currently being represented by a physician’s attention to a patients age, sex, or ethnic background” as mentioned by Dr. Kalow in his dissertation.

The technology of pharmacogenetics is looking to change this surface-level approach. With the help of pharmacogenetics, not only will age,sex, and ethnic background play a role in finding out what sort of treatment could work best for the patient but genes will also play a huge role.

Read more about this topic is Dr. Kalow’s publication.




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