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The Gains and Losses of Pharmacogenetics in Psychiatry Part One : Misconceptions

To those who know a little about the PGx test know the potential effect that such a test could have in the world of psychology. This type of genetic testing can help your doctor choose the medicines that work best with your genetic makeup which means what for you, exactly? 

In the previous blogs, we spoke about the pitfalls and the like of genetic testing in general. Today, I want to talk about how these pitfalls and gains relate specifically to the world of psychiatry.

Often times, with pharmacogenetics being so fresh, it is difficult to “separate marketing from science”, as shown by Pharmacy Times:

It is common for patients to believe that pharmacogenetics testing can identify the perfect drug for them – a truly tailored treatment. The future may indeed hold that promise, but that is not the current reality.”

This means that although pharmacogenetics can help pharmacists and doctors figure out which type of drug would work best for the body, it cannot create a new and ideal treatment that is made for you – yet.




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