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How Pharmacogenetics Can Help Your Parents During Their Second Childhood

Thinking about the future, in relation to our parents, can be nerve-wracking.  Read more to find out how Pharmacogenetics can alleviate the stress of finding the best possible care for your parents. 

One of the key proponents of genetic testing is the use of metabolic validation. This is a test that uses an individual’s genetics to suggest optimal dosing levels of a drug, as well as help identifying which medications will be more or less effective and/or harmful. This is a core principal of pharmacogenetics and personalized care.

One of the nice features of pharmacogenetic testing is that is helps find the optimal medication for each person. This means a more individualized approach to the world of medicine. This means less of a trial-and-error testing of drugs and more living. With the help of genetic testing like this, a doctor at a geriatric facility was able to “identify that 50-75% of [her] patients were on a medication that needed a dosage change by utilizing [pharmacogenetic testing]” and helped stop unnecessary medicationsThis means no more looking at a pill-identifying chart to see what pills your parents have to take – less pills taken, less time spent, and more money saved.

Genetic testing also helps answer the question of why certain medications work for an individual and others don’t thanks to the metabolic validation.





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