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Genetic Testing – What does it mean for your healthcare costs as a employee?

Although Genetic Testing has the chance to improve your life the better, it might not always turn out that way. “Genetics mapping has the potential to offer employees custom wellness programs based on the sequences of a worker’s DNA, but it could also open the door to costly medical procedures”. Is this what healthcare companies are so afraid of? 

According to employee benefits news, “the insurance community has reported that…the number of genetic tests has more than doubled from about 30,000 in 2013 to about 65,000 in 2016, and it continues to grow”.

Now, what does this mean for you? It is speculated that the tests, although paid for by most insurance companies, will then lead to excessive costs for them and for the people. It is also speculated that the amount of insurance companies that pay for the test will dwindle in number – it simply isn’t cost effective for them.

For example, an employee with a predisposition to breast cancer might opt for a preventative double mastectomy, a procedure that costs about $35,000, before breast reconstruction”.

Those who are against genetics testing say that it may lead to more testing that is unnecessary and that just because that tests are there for us to take, doesn’t mean that they actually carry any sort of value for you. Unfortunately, it seems as the test is gaining popularity, more and more insurance companies are taking this stance.




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