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It’s Mental Health Month. Are You On More Than One Psychiatric Medication? Read This.

With May coming to a close, lets talk about mental  health. 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental health condition. How can pharmacogenomics help? 

Mental health issues come up pretty frequently, yet no one can effectively figure out which drugs will work best for each patient – individually. Often times there is a lengthy trial and error process whilst feeling a whirlwind of nasty side effects, as noted by Ms. Klein-Mirviss:

The journey to find an effective treatment plan for my daughter went on for a decade and was hugely detrimental to [my daughter’s] quality of life… We reached a low point when she missed most of the fifth grade with severe stomach issues due to the side effects of her medications.” 

This is a huge red flag! The drugs that are supposed to help us are actually putting us at a greater risk and disrupting our lives in the process of ‘helping us’. Have no fear, pharmacogenetics is here!

After years of failed treatments, Ms. Klein’s daughter was able to finally live.




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