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Golf Star Tiger Woods Arrested. Is a Bad Mix of Medications To Blame?

Police arrested Tiger Woods for a DUI after finding Woods asleep at the wheel only to find that alcohol wasn’t the cause… 

Tiger Woods defends his actions by blaming medication for his arrest in Florida. He also said that all of the medications he was on were prescribed medications. Unbeknownst of the fact that using these 4 medications together would make him so “sluggish,  very slow, and slur his speech” as spoken about by Jason Sobel, ESPN Senior golf writer, Woods sat behind the wheel, almost harming himself.

This could have easily been avoided with the help of pharmacogenomic testing. Woods’ doctor could have easily looked at his genetics and subsequently found out which medications would work best for Tiger Woods and if prescribing together is wise or not.

Tiger Woods will be having his trial in early July because he was, after all, found behind the wheel, unable to drive, and potentiality for causing harm. If only Woods’ doctor used pharmacogenetics to prescribe the right medications, he wouldn’t even be in the situation.




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