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Changing the “One Size Fits All” Approach to Medicine

“Until recently, drugs have been developed with the idea that each drug works pretty much the same in everybody. But genomic research has changed this approach and opened the door to more personalized approaches to using and developing drugs” as spoken about by the National Human Genome Research  Institute. What  approach has genomic research  lead  to? 

Pharmacogenomics! The science behind this is that based upon your genetic makeup, some drugs may work work better and lessen the side effects for you as opposed to how the drugs reacts and works in other people. This means that doctors have a greater chance to help you more effectively and efficiently. This also means a chance to avoid the trial-and-error approach to find that “best-fit drug” that we are so used to having during our doctors’ visits  – time and money saved! Pharmacogenomic information is only routine for a few health problems but thanks to the field’s rapid growth, it is expected that research will lead to improved ways of using drugs to “manage heart  disease, cancer, asthma, depression and many other common diseases” as said by the Human Genome Research Institute. What does this mean for the future of medicine? This means a future of more powerful drugs and medicine, a faster recovery  for you, and an overall improvement in the field of medicine.




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