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Is the Medicine You’re Taking Right for You?

“Studies show that 38% of Americans do not metabolize antidepressants properly and 50% of Americans are poor metabolizers of arthritis medications.”

You personalize your phone, so why not personalize your medicine? A new test can help you do it.

We live in a world of choice. We choose almost everything in our lives – with the obvious exception of our bodies and, more importantly, our genes. Our gene makeup is not only what makes us unique but it strongly affects the effectiveness of drugs that we take daily. For example, Advil versus Tylenol. For some, Advil works better than Tylenol and vise versa; this is because of our different genes! With the help of pharmacogenetic, or PGx, tests, doctors are able to effectively determine which medicines will work for you and which it is best to steer clear of in the future.

PGx Medical answers the question of how PGx testing helps doctors figure out the right drug and dosage for each patient:

“Pharmacogenetic testing provides insight into a patient’s metabolic pathways. Knowing which pathways are functioning normally or abnormally allows a physician to prescribe medications as intended by the drug manufacturer, select the most appropriate dose, and even the best drug for the patient. We can now identify patients who have variations or mutations in the genes that control certain drug metabolic processes. Knowing whether a patient is an extensive/normal, poor, intermediate or ultra-rapid metabolizer of a medication allows for patient-specific guidance on which medications should be selected or avoided, and the optimal dosage to prescribe.”

The PGx test saves time, money, and reduces the possible harm that could’ve been induced by incorrect dosage and medicine in the long run. All this begs the question : why haven’t you already personalized your medicine?




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