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“We found it as early as you can possibly find breast cancer.”

You can’t ask for a much more encouraging sentence than that in the face of a devastating cancer diagnosis. New medical technology is allowing more and more women to do just that.

North Carolina’s WRAL has the story of a woman who was able to catch and treat her breast cancer diagnosis thanks to genetic testing.

“The reason I had genetic testing was my sad’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26,” said Kate Payne.

Payne saw her aunt fight the disease for 7 years before losing her battle, so with her genetic test results in mind, she began annual mammograms at age 31.

The images revealed a tiny tumor in one breast.

“We found it as early as you can possibly find breast cancer,” she said.

UNC/Rex breast cancer surgeon Dr. Rachel Jendro helped Payne choose a strategy to remove the tumor and surrounding tissue.

“The good thing about early detection and getting your screening mammograms early is early breast cancers are much easier to treat and cure,” Jendro said.

Click here to learn where Kate is in her battle against breast cancer.

h/t WRAL

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