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Genetic Testing and Your Rights: Can The Law Keep Up?

A new law could be on the books in Canada that aims to create broad protections relating to an person’s right to access their genetic information. The new law would alaso prevent someone someone from being required to undergo genetic testing and to disclose the results of their genetic tests.

Canada’s Parliament just passed Bill S-201: An Act to Prohibit and Prevent Genetic Discrimination (“Act”).

Here’s more about the bill from Lexology:

The principal effect of the Act is to prohibit discrimination on the basis of genetics in commercial and employment contexts. In particular, the Act preserves the right of the individual to choose whether or not to undergo genetic testing and to protect the results of genetic tests from disclosure.

The bill still faces a potential uphill battle before becoming official, possibly making its way to Canada’s Supreme Court.

Genetic testing is seemingly advancing faster than the laws can keep up. Legislators will have to strike a balance between privacy and rapidly advancing medical technology.


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